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I have been booking Christmas parties, corporate events and other office functions in Montana since 2009. A Christmas party should be fun, so when you are considering entertainment hire a comedian to spice up the night.


Let me know the level of content you are looking for, I can provide everything from squeaky clean, middle of the road or even more adult oriented if you request. What ever content you want thats the show I will do. Keeping people laughing and the person who booked the comedian looking good is what we love to do.


When hiring a comedian to play your Christmas event, remember that not all comics are created equal. Some have not played parties and are more familiar with playing comedy clubs and bar rooms, a staff party is entirely different event. It takes lots of experience and hard work to learn to play a party, so we will make sure we provide only pros for your show. 

I have played 100’s of corporate events and have done thousands of performances, let me bring a hilarious time to your function. My specially is incorporating some fun facts and personal observations into the night. A lot of people think my show was written special for them, and thats what years of experience brings.



If I am unavailable to play your party I can help book you in a comedian who is terrific. I have many peers that I often use for shows that I produce and will fully recommend and organize them to come in for your event. I take pride in sending great comedians to shows and spreading the joys of standup comedy to everyone.

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