1/3-5: The Parlor Live- Seattle,WA

1/4: The Atlas Theater- Seattle,WA

1/6: The Canyon Club- Agora Hills,CA

1/10: Improv Comedy Club- Irvine,CA

1/15: Improv Comedy Club- Irvine,CA

1/16: Levity Live- Oxnard,CA

1/17: Ice House Comedy Club- Pasadena,CA

1/20: House of Blues- Anaheim,CA

1/22: Improv Comedy Club- Brea,CA

1/24: The Baxter- Bozeman,MT

1/25-26: The R-Club- Billings,MT

2/5: Wiseguys Comedy Club- Ogden,UT

2/6: Wiseguys Comedy Club- Jordan Landing,UT

2/7: Wiseguys Comedy Club- Salt Lake City, UT

2/19: MT. Lowery Brewery- Arcadia,CA

2/22: Laughs Comedy Club- Seattle,WA

2/23: Chehalis Theater- Chehalis,WA

2/24: Spokane Comedy Club- Spokane,WA

2/27: Roast of Rookies (Parlor Live)- Seattle,WA

2/28: Levity Live-Oxnard,CA

3/2: HaHa Comedy Club- North Hollywood,CA

3/6: Levity Live- Oxnard,CA

3/8: Chinook Fairgrounds- Chinook-MT

3/9: The Plaza- Billings,MT

3/14: Ice House Comedy Club- Pasadena,CA

3/15: The Comedy Store- Hollywood,CA

3/16: HaHa Comedy Club- Hollywood,CA

3/20: HaHa Comedy Club- Hollywood,CA

3/29: Mixers Saloon- Bozeman,MT

3/30: The Red Door- Billings,MT

4/11: Levity Live- Oxnard,CA

4/16: Shrine Auditorium- Billings,MT

4/18: The Emerson- Bozeman,MT

4/19-20: The Red Door- Billings,MT

4/25: The Improv- Ontario,CA

4/27: The Ice House Comedy Club- Pasadena,CA

4/30: The Improv- Brea,CA

5/2-5: NoHo Comedy Festival- Hollywood,CA

5/15: The Plaza- Billings,MT

5/16: Malta Hall- Malta,MT

5/17: The Cottonwood Inn- Glasgow,MT

5/18: The Rancher Casino- Sidney,MT

10/18: The Comedy Store-Hollywood,CA

10/23: HaHa Comedy Club- North Hollywood,CA

10/31: Irvine Improv- Irvine,CA

11/7: Miami Improv- Miami,FL

11/7-10: West Palm Beach Improv- West Palm Beach,FL

11/14: Big Blue Brewery- Cape Coral,FL

11/27-30: Levity Live- Oxnard,CA

12/4: Xmas Party 

12/6-7: Xmas Parties 

12/13: Xmas Party 

1/10-11: Xmas Parties 


1/5: Ice House Comedy Club- PasadenaCA

1/6: HaHa Comedy Club- Hollywood,CA

1/10: The Capri- Los Angeles,CA

1/12: The Comedy Store- Hollywood,CA

1/24: HaHa Comedy Club- Hollywood,CA

1/26: Copper King Convention Center- Butte,MT

2/6: Ice House Comedy Club-Pasadena,CA

2/7: HaHa Comedy Club-Hollywood,CA

2/15: Ventura Harbor Comedy Club- Ventura,CA

2/16: Ice House Comedy Club- Pasadena,CA

2/20: Ice House Comedy Club-Pasadena,CA

2/23: Ice House Comedy Club-Pasadena,CA

2/24: Haha Comedy Club-Hollywood,CA

2/28: Haha Comedy Club-Hollywood,CA


3/4: Haha Comedy Club-Hollywood,CA

3/8-11: The Parlor Live- Seattle,WA

3/14: Ice House Comedy Club-Pasadena,CA

3/15: Ventura Harbor Comedy Club-Ventura,CA

3/21: Ice House Comedy Club-Pasadena,CA

4/4:Ice House Comedy Club- Pasadena,CA

4/4: HaHa Comedy Club- Hollywood,CA

4/6: Stage Coach Casino-Culbertson,MT

4/7: Red Door-Billings,MT

4/9: HaHa Comedy Club- Hollywood,CA

4/11: Ice House Comedy Club- Pasadena,CA

4/13: The Comedy Store- Hollywood,CA

4/14: TBA- Buena Park,CA

4/17: Ice House Comedy Club- Pasadena,CA

4/18: Ice House Comedy Club- Pasadena,CA

4/19: Ventura Harbor Comedy Club- Ventura,CA

4/20-21: The Red Door- Billings,MT

4/22: Simple Bar- Los Angeles,CA

4/26-28: Undertow Comedy Festival- Lincoln City,OR

5/7: HaHa Comedy Club- Hollywood,CA

5/10-13: Denver Improv- Denver,CO

5/15-20: NOHO Comedy Festival- North Hollywood,CA

5/23: Ice House Comedy Club- Pasadena,CA

6/2: Red Door- Billings,MT

6/5: Funny Bone- Des Moines,IA

6/6: Funny Bone- Omaha,NE

6/7: The Improv- Kansas City, MO

6/13: Ice House Comedy Club- Pasadena,CA

6/15: Ice House Comedy Club- Pasadena,CA

6/28: Ventura Harbor Comedy Club- Ventura,CA

6/29: The Comedy Store- Hollywood,CA

6/29: HaHa Comedy Club- Hollywood,CA

7/27: Apt 503- Downtown LA

8/3-4: Laughs Comedy Club- Seattle,WA

8/6: Ontario Improv- Ontario,CA

8/10: Private Event- Billings,MT

8/14: Alumni Club- Great Falls,MT

8/17: Grid Iron Girls Event- Bozeman,MT

8/18: The Baxter- Bozeman,MT

8/22: Ice House Comedy Club- Pasadena,CA

8/31: The Comedy Store- Hollywood,CA

Oops I forgot to post Sept & Oct 

11/2: Ice House Comedy Club- Pasadena,CA

11/4: House of Blues- Anaheim,CA 

11/9: The Comedy Store- Hollywood,CA 

11/12: HaHa Comedy Club- Hollywood,CA

11/16-17- The Red Door- Billings,MT  

11/19: HaHa Comedy Club- Hollywood,CA

12/4: Brea Improv- Brea,CA

12/5: HaHa Comedy Club- North Hollywood,CA

12/6: Echos on Pico- Los Angeles,CA

12/7: The Comedy Store- Hollywood,CA

12/20: The Baxter (Xmas Show)- Bozeman,MT

12/23: The Pub Station (Xmas Show)- Billings,MT

12/27-29: The Parlor Live- Seattle,WA

12/31: The Comedy Store- Hollywood,CA